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Investment policy
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Distribution prevent myopia creative stationery, years make three hundred thousand is not a dream
        Light rain star for many years adhering to the "care for your child's eye, pay close attention to learn health" tenet, eagerly anticipates the modern students prevent myopia creative stationery fashion, in broad market space. Form different mode of operation, making "xiao yu star" prevent myopia creative stationery sales become simple, can independence development student prevent myopia creative stationery store, or the existing store additional product shop of distribute of (namely the inn in inn), or use the international popular fashionable way of working (SOHO) in the home work, in others the store sales. A wide variety of prevent myopia creative stationery choice, ultra-low price supply mode, value the market retail profit, make no matter how sales "xiao yu star" student prevent myopia creative stationery, all is having extremely strong vitality and vigorous space. Welcome throughout the country.

Common distribution policy
1.   customer for the first time according to the total payment when you place an order of 1000 yuan of above the batch, the product quantity, varieties can be arbitrary collocation, ex-works bit calculate. One-time order of 5000 yuan of above, preferential price 3%, 30000 yuan of above 5% discount. Annual accumulated order 50000 yuan of above, the discount 6% (don't repeat preferential).
2.   customers can through the online ordering, but through the bank transfer payment or pay treasure, etc. We will get your order of 1-3 working days in the delivery.
3.   we will submit according to you, choose the mode of transportation of the merchandise distribution, including express company, logistics company, postal parcel, trucks, China railway express transportation mode, the customer please indicate the receiving address, name, telephone etc.
4.   freight borne by the buyer, we will according to your region and its.

Agents policy
1.   at or above the county level, (city, area) sole distributor first pick up the goods shall not be less than 5000 yuan, you will get a 2% discount. Annual sales target 20000; Common regional (city, state, alliance) shall not be less than 10000 yuan, you will get a 3% discount. Annual sales target 50000 yuan; The first will cities (capital, city specifically designated in the state plan shall not be less than 15000 yuan, you will get a 4% discount. Annual sales target is 60000 yuan. Has the fixed contact address of the legal person enterprise, individual operators or general natural per capita can apply for agency.
2.   the joining trader must provide personal id photocopy or enterprise business according to photocopy, single inch as 2 a.
3.   merchants to submit an application, our factory for agency qualifications for preliminary examination, two days to reply.
4.   sure agree, both sides sign the agreement (which came in person, but also through the mail, express a mail).
5.   at all levels according to the market requirement, the first order products, obtain the local exclusive agency qualification. Our factory, employee's card, issued by the local authorization letter, etc.
6.   we all will be exempted from jiamingfei and management fees, agent enjoy regional exclusive sales. We provide free agent manuals, test, POP painting, promotional products, and according to the purchase amount 2% reimbursed advertising.
7.   complete annual accumulated were, according to 6% of the total value of the order to cash prize. Difficulties such as sales, the last time the order of 30% or return.

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