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Have students place, have students' creative stationery market
       My name is ZhengWen, sichuan liangshan, from a state-owned company off-duty, began to travel extensively to find business opportunities, make many project is not successful, Also will work more than ten years of savings to compensate a shirt. Through the province by relatives met a student prevent myopia product -- sitting posture apparatus. This product is designed for primary and middle school students to prevent myopia design production, through promotion of trial, the effect significantly. Anyway, laid-off at home, I with contact, batch of hundreds of sets of test. Sunday early in the morning, I run a booth at the park gate, kept advertising products. However, we understand it after the function, but few purchase, one day only sold two positive posture apparatus. My relatives know, said: this product is good, but the key is to find the best result. He advised me to
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