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Students eyesight protection products contains huge business opportunities, industry was very optimistic about the prospects
       According to the national ministry of education and the ministry of health survey shows that, at present, China's students have myopia rate in the world first! Primary and middle school students myopia rate has reached 34.6%. High school students myopia rate was 70%. Our country young people because of myopia of blind number has reached 500000! Protect vision, prevent myopia, has caused national education department and parents' attaches great importance to, and every year nearly twenty million speed increasing.Experts point out that, the elementary and middle school students hold pen posture, reading and writing posture is not correct in myopia, the main reason. And according to the myopia changeable.these ideas, issued by the national ministry of education in 2008 about the primary and middle school students myopia prevention and control work plan "file, with particular emphasis on education all over the administrative department and school to use different forms and means geared to the needs of society and all teachers and students for myopia incidence reason, harm, correctional health knowledge and prevention and control measures to promote the vision and protect students propaganda education work. "Xiao yu star" series of students to prevent myopia creative stationery is based on this target development of high-tech student health supplies, is the correct posture, protect eyesight and prevent bow-backed, form a good habit of reading and writing the best product, it will create a vigorous infinite.
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