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1.   Consultation: but with stationery shop, and the local vendors, enterprise market Marketing Department contact.
2.   Discuss: please will customize students stationery demand to our salesman explain.
3.   Proposal and quotation: we'll according to your request, to provide you with a set of the best product combination plan, the product model and the most reasonable quoted price material benefit.
4.   Order: during delivery, price come to an agreement, we will immediately begin to prepare for the production.
5.   Production: production process, if you have requirement of high speed and business personnel coordination as soon as possible, we will contact with you to discuss solutions.
6.   Production after completion, we immediately to the customer delivery. You can have your company name printed student supplies, so as to reflect the company's great strength and outstanding image. You can also an ephah for the company important anniversary, celebration, promotion activities customized special stationery, in order to expand enterprise influence.
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